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Beat the GMs - Clan War on Every Sunday

Sep 3 2012 7:39PM Author : ayersrock
Event Period: 8th September 2012 ~ Every Sunday

Hello all BlackShot players,

The time to defeat the Game Masters in the clan war has come again. Every Sunday, you can participate in this special war. Well, check the conditions and rules as below and get ready for the war.

War Conditions

Server: Clan

Channel: 10

Time: every Sunday from 5 pm (CEST)

Players: 5 vs. 5 or 6 vs. 6

Maps: All Random

Weapons: All

Characters: All


1. The match starts when your clan members are ready to fight against the GameMasters on the clan server.

2. Make a screenshot of the end score after the battle. The screenshot must clearly show that you win the match.

3. The clan leader has to send the screenshot to with the subject "Beat the GMs - Clan War" with the following details:

A. Clan name
B. Each player's character name (if the character name is misspelled, the price will not paid out)

4. If the room/server crashes, the round has been canceled and your clan must try it again to fight against the GameMasters.

*Note: Event schedule and rules might be changed without further notice.


AK 47 Special Edition (7 days)

The prize will be added to the player's gift box on every Monday.
Only one prize for each account is available per week.

We hope all clan members enjoy the battle against GMs.

Good luck ,
Team TwoWar